BL Drama CD Dragless Sex

BLCD BL Drama CD Dragless Sex Information:

  • Alternative : ドラッグレス・セックス; Dragless Sex
  • Author(s) : Enzou
  • Release Date: 04/25/2019
  • Cast: Eguchi Takuya x Furukawa Makoto; Komada Wataru x Itou Kento; Takeuchi Ken x Takahashi 
  • CategoryBLCD



The “Pheromone syndrom” causes hypersecretion of pheromones in the individual affected, and induces sexual arousal regardless of gender in people who come into contact with the infected person.

A series of short stories linked by a special pill and its particular effects, plus a guy in love with his childhood friend, and a soon-to-be divorced man and his unexpected admirer.

But will Yuzuki’s stubbornness still persist when his twin brother, Souji lays his hands on Mitsuru?

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