BLCD Shuchuu ni Otoshite Ii desu ka 手中に落としていいですか Information:

  • Alternative : Can I have you fall into my grasp? May I Make You Mine (Lezhin title) 手中に落としていいですか
  • Author(s) : Kureno Mataaki
  • Status : Completed
  • Cast : 巳鹿島:遊佐浩二新田:河西健吾御子柴:中澤まさとも
  • Release: 2018

Shuchuu ni Otoshite Ii desu ka 手中に落としていいですか summary:

A real go-getter scout for gay porn videos, Mikajima, sets his eyes on Nitta, who has a wiry physique and hides his youthful face with glasses. He casually started talking to him downtown, and successfully lures Nitta using their common interest- books. Afterwards, in order to bring out Nitta’s talent as a porn actor, Mikajima molests Nitta. With this obscene development, will Nitta fall into the hands of Mikajima?


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