Manga Drama CD Koi ja nai kedo

Manga Drama CD Koi ja nai kedo 恋じゃないけど Information:

  • Alternative :Koi ja nai kedo, 恋じゃないけど, isnt it love
  • Author(s) : Sakuraga Mei
  • Release Date: 2006
  • Cast: 
  • CategoryBLCD


Ever since he had sex with his childhood friend, Shinonome, the uptight Student Body VP, Yukimura, felt he was caught in a whirlwind. He found himself invaded by Shinonome in his own bedroom, in the library,everywhere…! Out of desperation, he found his only defense was to treat Shinonome coldly so he could keep his sanity intact. However, it only pushed Shinonome to go to the extreme…!! Will the head-strong, stubborn VP finally come to terms with his feelings…!?



Manga Drama CD Koi ja nai kedo 恋じゃないけど Free Sample

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