Otome CD Otoko Tomodachi-Ao no Renjou

Otoko Tomodachi – Ao no Renjou Information:

  • Title:童貞花魁; Otoko Tomodachi – Ao no Renjou
  • Release Date: 2014
  • CV: Katou Masayuki
  • Category: Otome Drama CD 


Track 1

Stellaworth – Original Drama CD

Otoko Tomodachi – Ao no Renjou (Lovesickness Blues)

Track 2

[T/N: OMG getting jiggy right off the bat]


Sorry. Did you cum?


No way. When?


I completely didn’t notice.


But I’m satisfied I wasn’t the best one.


Sorry. Can you skip me some tissue?


Shall we’ve got a little rest and then go take a bath? I’ll run it.


Huh? Now? It’s a bit earlier than 11pm.


Are you simply gonna shower and go home once more?


Why don’t you live the night time sometime? If not then we may want to do it at one of our places.


Always doing it at a love hotel is convenient however we live quite near a station besides.


When we have been courting we had been so excited staying over at every different’s locations.


Why no longer now?


If it’s no longer your boyfriend’s vicinity you received’t go?


Hah. You don’t actually have a boyfriend.


What’re you dissatisfied for? You should hurry up and get a boyfriend so that you’ll forestall ringing me past due at night pronouncing you’re lonely.


Having an ex-boyfriend for a sex friend isn’t precisely the best situation.


It’s now not that there aren’t true guys accessible. Your standards are too high.


When we dated you have been most effective interested by my look.


What’s with that angry appearance?


When we were going out you used to mention you cherished my face all of the time.


Oh yeah. Come to think about it, do you don’t forget my buddy who said he desired meet you?


That guy from the bar we bumped into. He changed into from my club at college whom I added to you.


Yeah, that man. He became respectable searching, wasn’t he?


Well he contacted me and requested me to installation a date for you two.


What do you watched?


Do you wanna strive it out?

Track 3

Ah, I see. You’re now not inside the temper to have a boyfriend.


Well then…I bet it is able to’t be helped.


We came right here quite early so we’ve nonetheless got some time.


Why don’t we have a tub collectively sometime?


If we omit the last teach I’ll run out and get you a taxi.




That’s o.K., isn’t it?


Gross?! That’s instead ambitious!


Is it honestly that weird for me to be kissing you like that?


So…what do you need to do?


Would you…like to take a bath?


Then I’ll pass put together it. Wait proper here.


Oh yeah. You stated before about having concerns approximately a fellow worker? How’s that going?


Yeah-yeah, that woman.


Didn’t you say no matter how properly you’d create reviews she’d usually have something to say in opposition to them?


Huh. Lately she’s been more of a grown up?


It is probably because she’s acknowledged how tough you work.


Hm? Yeah. I think you figure very difficult.


If a person says something towards you at work, or anywhere else, it makes you sense so pissed off that you’ll constantly say “I’ll display you!” Which manner you attempt twice as tough to be successful at that something. Am I right?


Quit looking so satisfied that I said that.


Listen…how long do you believe you studied we’ve recognised each other for?


If it’s you I think I apprehend you at the least a bit bit.


Here, come over to me.


Don’t strive too hard, k?




Haha! I guess so. I bet that’s rich coming from me.


When I was desperately searching out a process I didn’t virtually hassle with you, did I?


We’d commenced going out in our 1/3 year of University and for 3 years you had been continually so type. I assume you form of spoilt me as properly.

We have been so busy and indignant, got things right, were given things wrong, had fights…and we went our separate methods.


Huh? Ah, s-sorry! Having a heart-to-heart and reminiscing about the past – I should be growing older!


Ah, even nevertheless…we’ve got a strange dating, don’t we?


Last 12 months, I obtained a trade of cope with observe from you, and if I hadn’t have answered again we never would have met again and have become intercourse pals.


Hm? I see. Seems there are a number of sex friends which might be ex-boyfriends and girlfriends.


Huh. I can kinda understand why this is.


We’re comfortable with each others’ our bodies and we know what each different is feeling. It makes everything easier.


I want to think we’ve superb compatibility too.


Just from touching your frame barely you’re already excited. Just from the tiniest caress…


I’ll…grow to be hard soon.


I wanna input you.


If I put it in you’ll understand exactly how excellent it feels.


Your nipple is hard.


Does that feel properly?


I already recognize while not having to invite.


But it makes me want to ask. So tell me…wherein do you feel maximum pride?


Hmm? Touching you right here might be a bit boring. I’m sure you’d want me to the touch you in different places too, right?




Don’t be shy. Tell me.


Right. Then I’ll contact and lick there all I need, ok?


Stand up.


You don’t need to get out of the bath. Put your fingers on the wall and face your rear to me.


I’m…putting my finger in. Relax for me?


You love it when I touch you right here, don’t you?


See? The deeper I cross…


Now, now. Don’t move. If you flow I won’t be able to kiss and suck you.


Does it sense better if you don’t stand nevertheless?


But be a touch greater patient.


Ahh…this type of lewd heady scent.


You realize…your insides have been…squeezing like there’s no the following day.


You adore it when I put my finger to your butt, don’t you?


It doesn’t hurt, does it? I’ll slowly begin transferring it so let me recognize if it hurts.


Ah, compared to earlier than even greater of your erotic juices are pouring out.


You…! With any such adorable face…who might believe you’d like your butthole being teased? It’s alternatively surprising, isn’t it?




Haha, that’s right. I became the only that did it to you inside the first region, wasn’t I?


If another guy knew how sexy you were…they’d be all over you.


Huh? What’s that?


You need me to enter you?


Ah…the condoms are by using the mattress.


Huh? It’s alright?


That’s rather rare coming from you.


Alright. It’ll be pleasant if I don’t cum in you.


This is my first time doing it without a condom.


I sense like…regardless of in which I’d have entered you…it might have felt super.


Huh? It feels different for women too? Does it actually feel that true?


Ah, sorry. I’m gonna cum.


I’m cumming…!


I’m cumming…I’m cumming!


Ah…it might have been too short to cum in you if I had.


It felt so unbelievably good. This is nuts. It may turn out to be becoming a habit.


Yeah, we labored up a sweat.


Shall we’ve got a mild bathe after which move? I don’t suppose we’ll make the closing teach. I’ll ship you home in a taxi.

Track 4


Cheers to every other day over!


Were you busy this week? Yeah, it become quite tons the equal for me.


I became unbelievably busy!


What’s that pamphlet there? Ah, the one that’s protruding of your bag.


A hot spring? Who’re you going with?


Ah! The one from Uni? Of course I remember! She changed into one in all your closest pals.


Huh? Am I interested? You mean in her?


Oh, you intended the hot spring.


Uhhhh…I know of it however I get dizzy too quickly sat in a hot spring. I’m simply no longer used to having a long bath.


Is there someplace I want to move?


Hmm…not specifically in the mean time. Why?


I-Idiot?! Huh? Why am I?! Why do I should have somewhere to head? Did I say some thing incorrect?


“Whatever”…? What’s up with you?


Huh? Ah, is that so? Oh, your friend’s getting married.


Which way this ride is the last ride among unmarried friends.


Haha! And that’s making you panic?


Well you declined having me installation that date. It made me think you didn’t have a desire for marriage.


Hm? Well…I marvel. It’s a bit awkward to ask to installation any other date when you already declined the first time.


Sorry. Ah, however if you’re genuinely critical about marriage I assume you must be energetic in looking to make it appear. If no longer, things turns into even greater tough.


See? Before, after I spoke to my parents I asked in the event that they would have gone via with marriage if their partners have been different humans and that they both certainly stated no.


They attempted their toughest with marriage hunting and still have a remarkable marriage. They positive showed me.


Me? Hmmmm…I’m…essentially nonetheless not considering it.


If I met a person that had marriage in thoughts I’d suppose it over but right now…I just don’t have any idea.


What do you want to do now? Do you wanna go to our usual area?


Right. Then I’ll stroll you to the station.




It’s nevertheless early…might you like to take a walk? I think there’s a park someplace up round right here. Let’s move?


Wow…I knew we’d be capable of see the starry sky from right here.


Do you recall…? This changed into before we have been officially relationship – we came out to peer a meteor bathe. We ended up on what I thought became a shortcut and by the time we arrived there have been such a lot of people there. It become like a meeting to look fireworks.


But it become surely fun. When that big superstar flew across the sky every person gave a noisy cheer. Everyone become so excited it turned into high-quality.


We truly did have a number of amusing returned way lower back while, didn’t we?


We’d pass and travel to loads of locations, eat tons of food, visit the films, enjoyment parks and…karaoke? We did whatever that would let us do it collectively.


If…proper now…I ought to flip back time…


I might take care of you plenty greater than I did.


…simply kidding!


I’m speakme a load of nonsense! If I turned returned time things might in all likelihood turn out the same and I’d hurt you once more. I’d in all likelihood get dumped once more too.


I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t be capable of get again up once more if I were given dumped a 2nd time.


Come on! What’re you getting all extreme for? This is just hypothetical, alright?


Come to think of it…it’s been some time for the reason that we’ve gone someplace that wasn’t the bar or a inn.


When we reunited all we did was get under the influence of alcohol, talk approximately not anything and then go to the lodge, huh.


No…I didn’t suggest we need to go to more places or something…


It’d get complex if we notion we were taking place dates each time we’d go out collectively, wouldn’t it?


What’s wrong? You’re so quiet.


You getting a chilly from the night time wind?


It’s getting late…shall we get going?

Track 5


Hey! You don’t normally ring me to your day without work. What’s up? I become beginning to get a little concerned along with your past due replies to my texts.


Huh? What’s that every one of a sudden? You need to get rid our dating?


Arranged marriage? You’re…happening matchmaking conferences?


A-Ah…I see. Then…I bet having a sex buddy would be quite horrific, wouldn’t it?


Ah. What’s the guy like?


Huh. Well if it goes well it’ll be a nice rags to riches story. Good luck.


Once your meeting’s over let’s cross for a drink. You’ll have to tell me all approximately-




What do you suggest you won’t ever meet me once more? Wait a minute! At least tell me the cause-


…it’s me. Open the door.


I jumped into a taxi to get here only to discover…the elevator’s below renovation.


It’s been a while when you consider that I’ve taken stairs.


Don’t say you gained’t ever meet me again.


Don’t move matchmaking.


Be with me! This time I in reality will treasure you.


I’ll promise I’ll in no way make you cry once more.


Don’t be with every person else but me.


I love you.


Even while we broke up and even whilst we reunited I’ve always, continually cherished you.


It was me that counseled being sex friends within the first area however I’d never have been capable of sleep with a female I didn’t love. Especially again and again again.


Telling you I love you has usually performed on my mind but I turned into scared you will reject me so I couldn’t say it.


But once I notion I become going to lose you once more I realised I had to do something about it.


I’ll say it again…be with me.


I love you.


Huh? I stated something at the park?


Uhh…ahh – I didn’t imply you had been wondering we have been courting once more. It was me that felt like that. I just were given scared. [???]


Can we simply not paintings? Am I too past due? Am I…not precise enough?


I…can take this as your answer, can’t I?


I won’t…can help you say it isn’t!


I’ve already determined…I’m by no means letting you pass.

Track 6


I’m a touch apprehensive. It’s been a while doing it on your bed.


Your frame’s constantly been this lovely, hasn’t it? No matter how many times I’ve visible it I feel like I continually forget.


Your earlobes…your neck…


Your shoulder…


Your underarm…


Your breasts…


Your stomach too.


Your body is just stunning.


What? Ah, no you don’t should. I’m sweaty from jogging in advance but…


Is this okay for you?


If no longer, inform me.


Yeah…it feels fantastic…


Huh? Being sucked by you…no matter wherein it feels so excellent.


Huh? Where I need you to lick? Ah, then…the standard region.


My butthole…


Oh, god…!


Use your hands too?


Make sure you tease me as you lick me.


Ah, wai-!


Sorry, I felt like I became gonna cum.


If you did grow to be relationship every other guy…could you do that type of thing with him?


I bet so. You wouldn’t recognize till you dated them.


But I’m happy which you came returned to me. I didn’t need every other guy seeing you so lewd.




I’m not placing it in but…


Not till I’ve licked you sufficient here.


I need to delight in the taste of you.


Hm? Hehe! Nope…it’s now not like I’m teasing you…


What’s that? If you genuinely assume I’m teasing you, does that imply you’re equipped for me?


Will you pass on pinnacle?


Put it in your self? It’ll be quality if we go slow.


Move for me.


You’re…pretty right at being on pinnacle.


Make sure you…hit your candy spot too.


I’d hate it if it had been simply me feeling delight.


This time I’ll thrust.


Am I hitting you deep?


Huh? You’d love it deeper? Let me modify function…


Hold on tight…


Are you…feeling desirable?


Alright. I’ll be a bit rougher.


Are you gonna cum?




You got here, didn’t you?


Can I do it from in the back of?


Doing it from the front…and doing it from the back: which do you select?


Hm? Haha, what’s with that?


Don’t say something so lovable.




Me too. If it’s with then you definitely any position is tremendous!


I feel like I’m gonna cum…


Can I cum to your again?


I’m cumming…!


Ah, don’t flow. If you do it’ll spill.


Okay, you’re satisfactory now. We’ll have you exceptional and easy with a bath later.


Sorry. I didn’t use a condom again.


If you have been on a secure day then that’s first-rate however…in case you weren’t you wouldn’t ought to worry because I might take duty.


You must be cold. Would you like to rest beneath the covers?


You can sleep if you like. My arm could be your pillow till you wake up.

Track 7


Are you wide awake?


It’s okay. It’s not that overdue.


You slept for about an hour. Guess it’s beyond breakfast time, though.


Having no longer eaten whatever you must be ravenous.


What’s up? You’re going to make us a scrumptious meal?


It’s been a while when you consider that I’ve eaten your cooking. I’m searching forward to it.


Hey…due to the fact whilst did you believe you studied you would come again to me?


The beginning…-from the start?! When we reunited?


What? B-But, you said you wouldn’t want to marry me.


Sorry…I didn’t suppose you were joking. I really concept you had been being critical so I become simply upset.


Ah-no. There’s nothing in an effort to apologise for. It changed into down to my indecisiveness that I by no means stated something so this is my fault.


For the quantity of worry I’ve triggered you I’ll make you the happiest female on Earth.


Ah, that’s right: the new spring. When are you going?


Why’re you so amazed? Didn’t you need to go?


And didn’t you say you’d instead go along with your friend than me?


I’d try my toughest now not to get dizzy!


Though if so why don’t you return and use the bathtub at my area?


That way if I get dizzy you could look after me.


Or anywhere is great with you. To make up for not taking you out on trips this past year I’ll take you to many locations.


Come to think about it…what are you going to do approximately the wedding meeting?


Of route I’d want you to decline the suggestion however won’t you wreck that man’s coronary heart? Didn’t you are saying you standard it?


What?! Huh? You in no way general in the first region?


Oh! Y-…You tricked me?!


You tested me?


Don’t say that even as looking so glad!


Ahh…it definitely feels like you’ve got me wrapped round your little finger.


Nah, I’m now not mad or anything.


If you hadn’t have pulled something like this matters would have stayed the equal and I’d have stored thinking you’d stopped loving me.


I’ll say it all over again…


Be collectively with me.


Well I suggest…it might be a bit rapid but…I’ve were given marriage in thoughts. Please.


If you kiss me so kind of…I’ll wanna do it with you again.


Is that very well?


Right now I’m the happiest man alive.


I hope this happiness will ultimate all the time.


I’ll attempt my excellent to guard this happiness.


From now on, I’m all yours.


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