This world is said to have evolved as an ancestor of cats-allowing both males and females to give birth to children without distinction. Cute Norris who has been with me since I was little. He chose to cook for a lifetime to eat something delicious because he would be happy.

A beloved man who has been feeding for many years and has promised marriage as a child. One day, I see that Norris gently smiles at a man he doesn’t know.

That to smile is something that should be directed to me…!!! And, entrapment stress, pheromones every time you jealousy becomes too to whine leakage …?



Track List

cat.1 好物はゆっくりじっくり腹のなか①
cat.2 好物はゆっくりじっくり腹のなか②
cat.3 好物はゆっくりじっくり腹のなか③
cat.4 おまけ① サービス
cat.5 好物はあまくとかして腹のなか①
cat.6 好物はあまくとかして腹のなか②
cat.7 好物はあいして育てて腹のなか
cat.8 おまけ② 親ゆずり(新作エピソード)

cat.9 好物はこっそりかくして腹のなか①
cat.10 好物はこっそりかくして腹のなか②
cat.11 好物はこっそりかくして腹のなか③
cat.12 おまけ③ 成長期
cat.13 おまけ④ 彼シャツ
cat.14 おまけ⑤ メール(新作エピソード)
cat.15 おまけ⑥ ギャップ萌え
cat.16 好物はみんなまとめて腹のなか(twitter公開分)
cat.17 キャストトーク

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