• BLCD.online

    This webiste is my solo project. 
    From beginning, this was where i uploaded Manga Drama CD to share with my patreon Become a Patron! because Youtube keeps deleting my Videos.
    Later, i want to pay back for those who support me. So i made BLCD.online

  • Resources

    Manga Drama CD: some are from mine and some i collected through years.
    BLCD: i bought some, some are from other website, some are from ppl who donate.
    Otome CD, Anime: all are collected from internet.

  • Locker

    Because stream site costs a lot. I cant public Manga Drama CD, which are 1GB+. BLCD is only 60 MB. 
    Some BLCDs are requested taken down by Company. They need to be deleted or locked. 
    Some series are too hot for a normal website. I may have serious trouble with my country laws. ~~
    You can still watch it, if you unlock.

  • Myself

    Me? Im just like you LOL

  • Website rules.

    There is actually no rule, but please be nice to talk with other people.

    I wish you have a good time til the site is closed !!