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Hi, im the one who make for my bad english

My purpose is to make a small blog where you and me can listen BLCD online. Although i cant public most of my Manga Drama CD, because im scare i will get trouble with my country laws.

My project is likely non-profit plan. My website is very friendly without annoying or adult ads. I need to learn how to make website, buy backup maintaince server, deal with bug, copyright strike, terminated/blocked social accounts…But im really enjoy my achievement

To cover the fee and maintain/ upgrade website, I worked as a Manga Drama CD creator at Patreon. But due to link with a copyright site, my patreon was terminated. Of course, i can just abadon and continue working as creator, but i dont want to do it

So its the first time in 2 years, i really need your help to cover a part of my website fee, until i can change to other platform and keep working as creator.

If you like this site, please consider supporting what I do. I hope to continue with the forum site and do more for everyone who enjoys yaoi and otome. Funds will all go to the stream sever, back-up plan, domains, maintenance.

Fee to maintain BLCD server is about 300$/ month

Fee to maintain Manga Drama CD private server is about 400$/month

I know that number will never be fulfill, because our site is very small. But a little help from some of you, can help me go through this hard time…I will personal cover the left

If everything is okay, I hope i only need you to support in 1 month. Thank you for your support!


How to support:

Membership via

Steps to join:

  • Go to Buymeacoffee
  • Join one of membership base on your favorite

This is the best way to support our website. You can also watch about 100+ Manga Drama CD without locker

Donate via

Steps to donate:

Thank you very much for your support! But i dont recommend this because you dont get any benefit at all.

New Discord:
I make a Discord Server. Please use this link to join: Here you can

  • Chat and make new friend. Its hard to find other fellow in real life!
  • Request, trade, share or swap your favorite CDs.
  • Watch 1 or 2 Manga Drama CDs i will share every month.
  • And many more…. waiting you to discover!

Can you please join and share some juicy stuffs here… Please !?