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Kanawanu Koi no Musubikata

A spin-off from Akai Ito no Shikkou Yuuyo. Kamisawa Kaoru can see – and cut – not just the red thread of fate, but any of

Akai Ito no Shikkou Yuuyo

College student Keiji possesses the dubious talent of being able to see the red string of fate. One day, he suddenly notices a red thread

Alpha ga Alpha wo Daku Houhou

“Alpha” is a high-ranking official host club which only gathers alphas and specialises in leading gay partners. The no.1 host, Ruca, and his cheeky underling,

Manga Drama CD

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Golden Sparkle

With an absent father, and having had a traumatic experience in pre-school, Himari Uehara has problems dealing with girls, and knows nothing about sexuality. He

mou ichi do nando demo

Mou Ichido Nando Demo

On his way home from picking up a matching set of rings for himself and his lover, Fuji Takahiro is hit by a car. The

Megumi to Tsugumi

Megumi, an Alpha, son of the great Kokonoe Academy Chairman, goes to avenge his friends who were beaten by a yankee wielding a metal pipe.

seven days

Seven Days

Bright and early one Monday morning, Shino Yuzuru asks Seryou Touji out on a lark when they run into each other at the school gate.