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Naka Made Aishite

I can’t say it…. Something I’ve always wanted to do. Yuzuriha who has a face prettier than other girls., actually hates people who judges others

Risouteki Renai no Jouken

Katagiri’s new editor was looking forward to working with his talented handsome boss Nishiwaki. However, for some reason, he ended up in a sticky situation

Kajou Mousou Shounen

Ohno-kun’s special skill is “hands-free onani”! With his own fantasy, he could ejaculate without touching himself. He spent a fulfilling school life like this. Then

Kabukichou Bad Trip

Toru Miyama has a special ability: he can read other people’s minds! One day, he randomly bumps into Mizuki Hikawa, a stunning male model that

Manga Drama CD

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The only hobby of college student Sakurabashi Itsuki is listening to his favorite radio DJ, Yunoguchi Arata (AKA Yuno). They cross paths at the bookstore

Sonna Mede Mite Kure

Sonna Me De Mite Kure

Mikado — a narcissistic, spoiled, school-idol type rich boy — falls in love at first sight with an awkward, plain-looking scholarship student who’s completely immune

Hitorijime My Hero

Hitorijime My Hero Plot Masahiro Setagawa doesn’t believe in heroes, but wishes he could: he’s found himself trapped in a gang of small-time street bullies,

Virgin Star

Virgin Star Plot Breakout actor, Izumi Hayato, is charismatic and energetic in front of the camera but once the cameras are off Izumi becomes an


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Ameiro Paradox

Ameiro Paradox Plot A change in the stakeout team throws Onoe, reporter for a weekly magazine, together with his contemporary, Kaburagi, a photographer. Onoe secretly

Tight rope

The son of a sick mafia boss is constantly pressured to inherit his position as the “5th”. However, Ryuu wishes for nothing other than to


High school students Hikaru Kusakabe and Rihito Sajou meet via hazard throughout a summer study consultation at their excessive college. And though they may be