The third volume of Rouge et Noir Season 2!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

One year has passed since the drug “Rouge et Noir” ran rampant throughout the city.

Though the syndicate behind the “Rouge et Noir” epidemic has been weakened and related criminal activity has stalled, you are still suffering the after-effects of your assignment to infiltrate “House.”

Nevertheless, you remain in your role as a narcotics officer—if only to devote yourself to finding a medical treatment for the side effects you suffer from every single day.

One day, Arlen Clive, one of the escaped leaders of “House,” suddenly makes an appearance in front of you. While wary of his intentions, you still listen as he makes a proposal for a temporary alliance between the two of you.

You hesitate, unsure of whether to take his offer or not…


Translation from Yumemirusekai (Link her blog)

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