Aya, a popular host who works on the club, “Leopard”, is known for his desirable appears and his love for cash.

One day, a person named Shingyouji, with an charisma healthy to be a king, comes via and says, “I’ll purchase you. How an awful lot do you want?” What awaits Aya within the next 24 hours is house-wife function gambling and plenty of S&M intercourse… A tale that starts with cash and body that results in one hell of a relationship starts here!

Rinka works at the Leopard as a number. At age nineteen he’s had sufficient of intercourse, so Rinka enrolls in after-school training to relieve his boredom. His instructor, the bespectacled Yakushiji, may additionally at first look seem virginal, but Rinka unearths out that he sleeps with guys. When Rinka lays a hand on Yakushiji for a lark, the quiet trainer unleashes the beast within, resulting in biting kisses and a wild romp among the sheets!

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