Terebi-kun no Kimochi


1-2) TV-kun’s Feelings
University student, Keisuke, was suddenly asked by his childhood friend and an actor, Souta, “Can I kiss you?” Thinking that it’s a practice for the kissing scene in his next drama, Keisuke kissed Souta without hesitation…

3-4) Mr. Manager’s Feelings & Mr. Idol’s Feelings

5-6) Mr. Store Manager’s Feelings & Mr. Serious’ Feelings

7) Two Mr. Dating’s Feelings
Continuation of chapter’s 1-2.

8) Two Mr. Madly in Love’s Feelings
Continuation of chapter’s 3-4

9) Two Mr. Weak-Kneed Mess’ Feelings
Continuation of chapter’s 5-6

10) Two Mr. Supporting Role’s Feelings

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