It is the manly desire that whirls within human beings that Sora is unfamiliar with. Sora ran away from home and escaped to the human world. He was misunderstood at an interview and was picked up by the owner Eriru. Sora is taken to the shop where he begins wondering if his organs will be stolen.

“Well, which one are you? Tachi or neko?” Waiting for Sora’s answer, who did not understand the meaning of that question, they begin their days filled with debt and pleasure at Paraiso.

世間知らずの悪魔のソラが家出の末にたどり着いたのは、人間界の欲望渦巻く風俗街。無一文でさまよっていたところ風俗店のオーナー・エリルと出会い、面接希望と勘違いされてしまう。「で、タチネコどっちかな?」 その問いの意味もわからないソラを待っていたのはデリヘル・パライソでの借金と快楽にまみれた日々だった!


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