Hinekure Sakura ni Koi ga Saku


“When you are making that face, Sakura, it makes me actually need to tease you…”
Ever due to the fact he was a baby, Sakura Somei were told time and again that he changed into as lovable as an angel. When he is a high college scholar, at some point he overhears a rumor about a boy even higher looking than him: Tsukasa Yukihira. It’s love at the beginning sight for Sakura. He is certain that his own quite face could have Yukihira falling in love with him as long as he hangs around… Because of this he ends up following Yukihira round like a stalker, expecting some thing to manifest.
Sakura makes sure that they become on the equal college, however thanks to his naturally stubborn personality, he can’t manipulate to be open approximately his emotions. It builds up inner him… “Yukihira is so cool, I love him, I want to touch him, I need him to take me…!” And then, his feelings explode. Out of nowhere, he finds himself planting a kiss on Yukihira! And then, the person he had thought was a pleasant and sort Prince Charming has a entire personality change….!!

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