In the struggle, Yashiro of Shinseikai Wakayama faced off against each other in Hyakumei’s room.

Yashiro, who took his eyes off the thought of hundreds of eyes. A hundred-eyed demon wants to protect Yashiro.

Although they are strongly aware of each other, they keep their feelings beyond the limit.

However, when a hundred demons were forced to tell Yashiro, the balance maintained until that time was broken. ” I can do something important to myself, I need to do something cause I should not lose” – how Yashiro chose …..?

抗争の最中、真誠会若頭の矢代は百目鬼の部屋で向かい合っていた。 百目鬼への想いから目を逸らしていた矢代。矢代を守りたいと思っていた百目鬼。 ふたりは互いに強く意識しつつも、これまで一線を越えないよう気持ちを堰き止めていた。 けれど、追いつめられた百目鬼が矢代に気持ちを告げたとき、 それまで保っていたバランスが崩れてしまう。 自分に大事なものができてしまう、失ってはいけないものができる── 矢代が選んだ道は……!?

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