Suki Ni Nanka Natte Tamaru Ka


Yagi Keigo is a beautician – and a slutty playboy who likes women a little too much.

One day, he sleeps with his boss’ wife and winds up without a job. To get by, he crashes at one of his hook-up’s houses and mooches off her, but soon enough she is fed up with him too. Keigo finds himself out on the street – when who should step out of a luxury car but his old high school classmate, Tachibana Masafumi! It turns out that Masafumi is now the president of a sex toy company, and he offers the destitute Keigo a part time job as a product tester in his development department. Keigo jumps at the chance – what could be better than getting paid to do erotic things to women all day? – but the reality might not be what he is expecting…

“Seems like you’ve developed a taste for this already…”

“As if I’d ever be into… something as nasty as this… ngh.”





女にエロい事できて金も貰えるなんてこれ程美味いバイトはない! と、喜んで承諾したが……?



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