• 1986
  • Male

Shirai Yusuke


Yūsuke Shirai (白井 悠介 Shirai Yūsuke) is a Japanese Voice Actor. He is best known for voice acting some anime characters such as Io Naruko in Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, Giorgio in La storia della Arcana Famiglia, and Obama in Witch Craft Works. He is the Japanese voice of Sōshun Murasame in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School. In the English dub, Sōshun's voice is provided by Chris Cason


Movie Name Release Date
Kabukichou Bad Trip January 8, 2022
Kimi wa Hiniku na Kirakira Boushi Kimi wa Hiniku na Kirakira Boushi January 1, 2018
3min instant no silence 3min instant no silence May 1, 2017
Hoshi to Harinezumi Hoshi to Harinezumi July 31, 2019
How to Train Your Puppy How to Train Your Puppy September 28, 2019