Sankaku Opera


Sadaki Kaoru, an earnest Literature professor who comes from a prestigious academy, hides in his heart the one-sided feelings he has for someone.

One day, thanks to drawing the attention of the school troublemaker ‘Shou, the informant’ his secret is revealed.

In exchange for Shou’s silence, he’ll have no choice but to have sex ‘till the point of exhaustion. The day-to-day of being raped by a young student begins!

音楽教師の貞木 薫(さだき かおる)は、由緒正しい学園の真面目な音楽教師。彼には心に秘めた片想いの相手がいた。ある日、不良の“情報屋のショウ”に目を付けられ、その秘密を知られてしまう。黙っている代わりに飽きるまでセックスするように命令されて…年下生徒からの陵辱の日々が始まる!!

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