Prequel to Maki Marukido’s Pornographer*

Stuck in a rut and plagued with debt, Rio Kijima is at the lowest point of his life when he bumps into Shiro
Kido at a funeral. Kido, freshly kicked to the curb by his ex-girlfriend, is Kijima’s former classmate and has a history with him. Despite their past, Kido realizes that they have what each other needs. Kijima offers hot-headed Kido a place to live. Kido gives Kijima a new purpose. As Kido nudges Kijima to come to terms with a drastic career change, he struggles to pull them both out of their Mood Indigo.

『ポルノグラファー』 過去編 『インディゴの気分』 早くもドラマCD化決定 !
久住×木島のその後を描いた 「補遺」 も完全収録 ! !

城戸は自分が担当している官能小説のレーベルでの執筆を提案するが …… 。

『ポルノグラファー』 から遡ること十数年。
凡人の憧れと天才の孤独を描いた、城戸と木島の “ 言えない ” 過去の物語。
コミックス同時収録の久住×木島の「補遺」「補遺2」も収録したCD2枚組 ! !

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