“You … are really bad …… !!”

De M and Yankee-kun are single dogs who have nothing to do with what they think. However, from the day of the entrance ceremony of high school, refreshing handsome guy Keiji Sanada spoke strangely and was feeling depressed. Shikao who became climax with irritated frustration, too, takes Sanada to the bathroom and does reverse play ● ……, but why is Sanada excited too?
Face fetish (immoral) handsome – de M x (wild beast) Yankee unfolds, horny and radical love battle, Volume 1!
ドMでヤンキーの鹿嶋幸は、周りにどう思われようが関係ない一匹狼。しかし高校の入学式当日から、爽やかイケメン・真田亮司が妙に話しかけてきて鬱陶しい思いをしていた。いい加減イライラも最高潮になった鹿嶋は、トイレに連れ込み逆レ●プをしかける……が、何故か真田も興奮していて!?  顔フェチ(不憫)イケメン×ドM(野獣)ヤンキーが繰り広げる、エッチで過激なラブバトル、第1巻♥

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