Koisuru Intelligence Vol 2


The Intelligence and Analysis Bureau of the N country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an organization that mainly conducts intelligence assessments. One of its missions is called “honey trap.” Male analysts in the ministry are divided into “male roles” and “female roles” – they then get paired up as “buddies” and carry out secret trainings night after night!!

The chief analyst, Haryuu’s “buddy” is Todou Mao, a beauty who joined at the same time as him. During their first night of training, Haryuu loses his self-control because of Todou’s charm, and ever since then, their relationship has become awkward―?!

N国外務省にある国際情報統括官組織は諜報活動を主に行う特殊情報収集組織。そこで任務訓練のために「バディ」として組んでいる針生篤と戸堂眞御は、十年間の誤解がとけて今は省内一のバカップルと化している。そんなある日、任務中にトラブルが起こった針生を救うため戸堂は中東S国王子・カリムに色仕掛け作戦を決行するが、嫉妬に狂った針生に逆におしおきをされてしまい――!? Kヶ関エリート官僚たちの恋愛を描いて大人気の【官僚シリーズ】第二弾

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