Haruhiko Kuzumi’s life changes forever the day he rams into novelist Renjiro Kijima…with his bike.
A poor college student, Haruhiko can’t compensate Kijima for the accident. So, Kijima offers Haruhiko an unusual deal. Haruhiko can transcribe Kijima’s latest story as he orally dictates it.
Little does Haruhiko know, Kijima specializes in erotic novels. Kijima’s alluring voice soon draws him into a world of sensual daydreams.

What will come of this relationship between student and novelist?

Welcome to a world off-limits to kids.

ポルノ作家・木島の腕を骨折させてしまった大学生・久住。お詫びにと口述筆記での代筆をはじめて数日。淫らな文章を読み上げる木島の声は、久住の下半身を疼かせ完勃ち状態に……!「抜いてあげようか? 口でしてあげる」からかわれた久住は、その日から木島で″エロい妄想″をするようになってしまい――?

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