■Fudanshi-kun Series (Shiiba x Kouhei)
Fudanshi-kun Kouhei is excellent excited: he is supporting his big sister at a doujinshi event!! He strains up on the circle area for Niratama, of whom he is a big fan, so as to get the most modern book. There he discovers that Niratama is without a doubt a person! When Kouhei invites his cherished writer out to chat approximately fudanshi matters, their friendship deepens. However, whilst Shiiba sees his boyfriend Kouhei take in drawing manga, just like Niratama, he has an ordinary reaction…

■Fudanshi-san Series (Nijo x Yasuchika)
When his large sister receives married, Yasuchika finally ends up sharing an condo with his new relative Nijo. Although you wouldn’t guess it to observe them, a long term ago Nijo once helped Yasuchika thru a damaged coronary heart. Ever considering then, Yasuchika has been nursing a secret overwhelm on Nijo! Now they’re suddenly living together, and Yasuchika’s heart goes crazy. He remembers a hot and steamy BL doujinshi he located at faculty, and in his thoughts he starts offevolved to update the characters with himself and Nijo…


そのときから二條は康哉が片想いしている憧れの人だった! ひょんなことから始まった同居生活に康哉の胸は高鳴りが止まらない。

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