When Komagatake “Koma” Sato, a mid-career hire, indicates up to the workplace on his first day of work sporting dishevelled clothing and gaudy jewelry, the person that’s selected to be his manager is Shiro Kuzumoto. But, this new guy steals office elements, by no means speaks with politeness, puts his feet up at the table, and so forth…
Due to Koma’s brazen attitude, that is extra like education a pet dog than teaching a brand new co-employee the ropes!! However, despite his carefree approaches, Koma is likewise particularly obedient. Their lifestyles being very exclusive, Shiro has a hard time understanding him… Or, that is what he thought until Koma asks him out with a hungry look on his face!
He makes Shiro do wild acts! How will Shiro overcome all of these obstacles!? This is a love story about a cultural change between a guy who prefers different guys and an regular businessman!

常識ハズレのB系男子×超普通のサラリーマンの異文化ラブコメがドラマCD化! ダボついた服にゴテゴテのアクセサリーを身にまとった新人社員・佐藤駒ヶ丈の指導を担当することになった葛本司郎。 非常識の塊のようなコマに振り回される日々。けれど、なめた態度の割に素直に自分のいう事を聞くコマには実は秘めた想いがあって……。 「鈍いっすねェ。俺、センパイが好きなんすよ」 理解できないところから攻めてくる。理解できないのに反応してる。ちょっぴりヘンタイなプレイも入った異色のラブコメをドラマCD化!

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