Is the daily kiss the price of living together?!

A talented but unfriendly newcomer x talented person who is pompous except for confectionery
Kagawa, who works as a pastry chef at a cake shop, is forced out of the room by her cohabitant one day, saying, “Go out because I have another person I like.” When I was wandering around without going, I was found by a newcomer, Haga, who works at the same cake shop, and was suggested to live with me, saying, “You can live for a while.”

I was relieved that the house was decided, but for a while I discovered Haga’s smoking and for some reason promised Haga to kiss every day to quit smoking …?!
Love tactics between pastry chefs!


ケーキ店でパティシエとして働く香川は、ある日同棲中の彼女から「他に好きな人ができたから出ていって」と部屋を追い出される。行くあてもなく ふらついていると、同じケーキ店で働く新人・芳賀に見つかり、「しばらく俺んち住んでもいいですよ」と同居を提案される。住居が決まり安心したのも束の間、芳賀の喫煙を発見してしまい、なぜか煙草を辞めさせるために毎日キスさせると芳賀と約束して…?!

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