Utsukushii Kare


Hira Kazunari (Ono Yuuki) is a gentle and kind (but creepy) dude suffering from kitsuon (dysphemia/stuttering).

As a kid, he’s used to being alone with no friends, just minding his own business and existing like he’s invisible but this all changed when he entered high school and met Kiyoi Sou (Saitou Souma).

He’s deeply admired Kiyoi and soon started following him and even regarding him as his ‘king’.


「キモがられても、ウザがられても、死ぬほど君が好きだ」無口で友達もいない、クラス最底辺の高校生・平良(ひら)。そんな彼が一目で恋に堕ちたのは、人気者の清居(きよい)だ。誰ともつるまず平等に冷酷で、クラスの頂点に君臨する王(キング)――。自分の気配に気づいてくれればいいと、昼食の調達に使いっ走りと清居に忠誠を尽くす平良だけど!? 絶対君主への信仰が、欲望に堕ちる時――スクールカーストLOVE!!

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