Me wo Tojite mo Hikari ga Mieruyo


Jin Inohara’s life as a veteran adult industry actor is sleeping with someone new.

But, when he becomes an actor for the Cherry Bonbon series, Jin finds himself paired up long term with Hikaru Amou. Jin and Hikaru’s videos sell well, and they gain popularity as a pair, leading to more and more videos of them together. Yet, despite their intimacy on screen, Jin and Hikaru don’t know much about each other’s private lives. That is…until Jin realizes he lives in the same apartment building as Hikaru.

This volume also includes Maki Marukido’s debut work, “Wednesday Morning, 3:30 A.M.”

  • 人気AV男優の仁はある日、ゲイビ出演の話を持ちかけられた。そこで出会ったネコ男優の光と体の相性がよかったため、ふたりはバディを組み、頻繁に共演することになる。仁と光のバディは人気を集め、順調に売れていたが、実際は仕事上の体の関係だけでお互いのプライベートのことは全く知らなかった。しかしある時、ふたりは同じマンションに住んでいることが判明し……。

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